Outbound campaigns

Do you run large outbound campaigns every month? Do you want to make a large phone operation in a short time? Hire one of our outbound bots – a smart automatic telephone consultant.

Each of our bots will replace any number of human consultants. All you need to do is provide it with the necessary knowledge and it will call thousands of customers in a short time.

What can you achieve?

  • run a telephone campaign in less time and with much lower costs than in the case of a traditional call center,
  • provide your clients with any kind of information, such as information about a new offer or changes in products or services, quickly and on a large scale
  • make a very large number of phone calls aimed at conducting a specific customer service process – e.g. lead prevalidation, soft debt collection, satisfaction survey, visit confirmation, obtaining consent, etc.

Visit confirmation

A virtual receptionist who will take care of the guest list for your event – it will call them to examine their interest and to confirm their presence.

Satisfaction survey

A smart telemarketer that will call your customers with questions about their satisfaction with a product, service or a conversation with a consultant they just had.

Soft debt collection

A virtual agent who will conduct the preliminary process of soft debt collection and get a repayment declaration through a smart conversation with your clients.

Obtaining consent

A virtual voice assistant that will help you update the necessary consent of your clients to contact them, including those resulting from the GDPR.

Your outbound process

A smart automatic operator who will obtain the required piece of information from your company’s clients or effectively provide them with your information.

Lead prevalidation

Fully automated voice telephone consultant, who will call any number of customers confirming their interest in your product in a short time (making the so-called lead prevalidation).

Immediate execution

You can launch your campaign even within one day, staying one step ahead of your competition! Outbound bots work 24/7 and carry out each of their tasks at a pace that is unattainable for a human being.

Flawless conversation

Outbound bots will never make a mistake when they dictate an account number, a password, or a legal formula to its client. Thanks to this, you can rest assured that your campaign has been carried out impeccably.

Cloud activity

You can use this solution without installing a special infrastructure. Outbound bots operate in the cloud and easily integrates with the client’s infrastructure.

Reporting on an ongoing basis

Outbound bots send out information about the progress at which the campaign is moving forward on an ongoing basis, and it automatically makes periodical reports. This allows you to know what it has already been able to achieve, and – most importantly – you can be 100% sure that all the information is complete and impartial.

Speech or recording synthesis

Outbound bots can “speak” in two ways: using the synthesis of female/male speech, or a recorded voice of a speaker – if you want the robot to speak with the voice of a specific person, e.g. a celebrity who is the face of a given campaign.

Optimising the list of recipients

Outbound bots are able to immediately verify the recipients’ list and reject the numbers that are switched off. This allows them to avoid wasting time trying to contact non-existing callers.

For the Partners

Success likes partnership

We are looking for businesses that would like to cooperate with us in search of acquiring clients and partners who are ready to distribute our solutions and integrate them with their own products.

Brilliance™ custom development

Automatic voice dialogue technology

Brilliance™ technology can be used in a variety of sectors of the market, and for a number of telephone service processes. See the work done by a robot that can autonomously deal with your clients on the phone.

Dialla™ for SME

Automatic phone consultant in your company

An easy to set up and affordable voice-controlled robot that works based on the innovative Brilliance™ technology will take care of phone customer service support for customers of companies operating in a variety of sectors, relieving humans of this task.