Meet Brilliance™

Every day, our voicebots make over 30,000 calls and serve 21 industries by implementing 57 different processes.

The Voicetel portfolio includes both outbound and inbound processes. Our flagship inbound product is a bot that supports the assistance broker hotline of many large insurance companies on the Polish market.

The aim of our Client was to minimise the involvement of consultants in the process of receiving assistance calls by transferring a significant part of the responsibilities to the bot. The dialogue system operates in 24/7 mode and is the main line of contact between Clients and the Company.

In recent months, voicebot assistance has helped in over 200 thousand cases. It handles such matters as:

  • Notification of damage
  • Call for roadside assistance
  • Call for a replacement car

In addition, thanks to the voicebot, the Client can report damaged tires, get information about his/her policy, check the status of compensation, ask about towing limits, ask about transport to the hotel, or learn about the reimbursement rules.

What are the results?

  • 83% of Clients are satisfied with contact with voicebot
  • 45% cases are handled without the participation of a Consultant
  • 0% complaints related to the manner of settling the matter

What can our voicebots do as part of the assistance process?

They understand and classify notifications regardless of the complexity of an utterance

K: “Good morning, I’m calling, because some moron bumped into the side of my car with his Audi, and now my car does not start so I can’t even get to the garage and I need help.”

B: “I understand that you want to call roadside assistance.”

They recognise registration numbers and telephone numbers, regardless of the way in which they were said

GA0418X registration can be given in various ways: GA 04 18 X, or G as in Grażyna, A as in Aneta 0 4 1 8 X as in Xawery, etc.

Similarly with a phone number: 509-345-543, or 50-934-55-4-3, the one I’m using now to call you, etc.

They verify the correctness of the format of the given number

If the person who is calling gives a seven-digit phone number, the bot informs that the number is too short.

They instantly search for the policy in the Insurer’s database on the basis of the registration number…

… at the same time they check if the policy is valid … and whether it covers a problem previously reported by the Client … all in a split second.

They have the ability to deduce from the provided information

B: Were there more than two people, including the driver, in the car?

K: Well, me, my twins and my dog.

B: I note that there were 3 people in the vehicle.

Całodobowa dostępność

Asystent Brilliance™ pracuje przez całą dobę – bez żadnych przerw.

Szybkość reakcji

Robot nie potrzebuje czasu na sprawdzenie lub wyszukanie informacji – dzięki swojej mocy obliczeniowej działa natychmiastowo.

Niezależność językowa

Bot głosowy z Brilliance™ może komunikować się na poziomie zbliżonym do ludzkiego w dowolnym języku.


Dzięki rozumieniu mowy, robot jest w stanie osiągnąć płynność rozmowy bliską ludzkiej.

Nieliniowość dialogu

Maszyna wyposażona w technologię Brilliance™ jest gotowa na różne scenariusze rozmowy – nawet te najbardziej nieprzewidywalne.


Robot pamięta, o czym była mowa przed chwilą i potrafi wnioskować z kontekstu rozmowy.