For software providers and integrators

Does your company deal with the creation, distribution, and/or implementation of software that serves to manage relations with clients?

  • Do you have your own clients whom you offer specialist CRM-class systems, or similar software?
  • Do you know well the market in which you operate, and the needs of the sector you deliver tools to?

Your competitive advantage can be Brilliance™ – this technology can be integrated with every system, software, or module geared at managing relations with clients in any business sector – the hotel sector, the medical sector, the insurance sector, automotive, wellness & beauty, and many more.

Thanks to this solution, you will offer the users of your software full automation of standard processes related to telephone customer service (handling telephone calls by a robot without the need to engage people), which will be a major competitive advantage of your system.

Solution for many sectors

Brilliance™ technology is versatile and can handle various telephone customer service processes regardless of the sector which your CRM system is dedicated to.

Full automation of customer service

Your CRM system will be able to act on its own, without the need to employ a team of people to handle it.

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For telecom companies

Do you have a telecom infrastructure which allows you to reach out to thousands of businesses? Do you provide services to call centres and/or contact centres?

Brilliance™ technology will be a perfect match for your offer geared at business clients. Thanks to it, you will gain advantage over your competition, and have an additional source of income.

Your clients are looking for the most effective way of reaching out to their recipients, and the smart Brilliance™ technology – which can be easily integrated with your telecom infrastructure – is a state-of-the-art solution that serves to handle telephone processes.

Brilliance™ can replace both a human hotline consultant and the IVR system, guaranteeing a quicker and more effective way of carrying out the same processes. It clearly contributes to making your clients’ business more effective, regardless of whether it’s about a large company that has its own hotline, a professional call centre and/or a contact centre.

Call routing instead of IVR

Instead of the old-fashioned IVR system, you can make sure your business clients have access to state-of-the-art call routing, which allows to direct all the incoming calls to appropriate departments, or specialists based on a speaker’s freely and randomly expressed need.

Comprehensive service of a call centre

Your company will offer business clients who have their own contact centre departments a state-of-the-art solution for automatic telephone service.

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