Automatic 24/7 telephone service in your firm.

Dialla™ for SME

Dialla™ allows small and mid-sized companies to avail themselves of the benefits of innovative Brilliance™ technology, making it possible to:

  • significantly reduce the costs of telephone support service without bringing down the standards,
  • take care of the caller anytime, anywhere, relieving a human being at doing it, which is of key importance if customer service in the company is handled by a small number of staff.

The person calling your firm and talking with Dialla™ will get the relevant information, or will be put through to a proper department without the need to select any further options on the keypad.

This solution is radically different and much more convenient than the traditional IVR, because with Dialla, you can communicate in almost the same way as with a human being!

What can you achieve?

  • you can fully automate repeated processes of telephone customer service in your company,
  • you can ensure a repeated, high standard of customer service on the phone and avoid any potentially costly human mistakes,
  • you can keep a 24/7/365 hotline, reducing the costs of conventional telephone service.

Easy configuration

Dialla can be configured very quickly by providing it with the basic information about the matters which clients call about. In a doctor’s office, this will be, for example, the list of services offered, and the roster of individual specialists.

Cloud operation

You can use this solution without installing special infrastructure. Dialla™ works fine in the cloud and integrates easily with a client’s infrastructure.


Dialla™ consists of modules. Each module allows to carry out a particular process related to telephone service in a company, such as call forwarding, authentication, registration of appointments, or making payments by card.

Automatic telephone service processes


running telephone campaigns geared at acquiring leads, or warming up a cold database of contacts


conducting satisfaction surveys, consumer questionnaires, electoral polls, and other types of surveys

Notices and reminders

about the date of a visit, about the changed hour of departure, or account number, about the need to confirm a reservation, etc.

Soft debt recovery

getting payment statements with an indication of the time limit, and providing answers to clients’ enquiries

Card payment over the phone

making on-demand card payments, or payments in the form of a connection initiated by the shop assistant/salesperson

Buying and booking

making an appointment, cinema booking, VOD rental, car rental, etc.

Receiving reports

reporting breakdowns, loan application, reporting a damage, hotel booking, etc.

Information about the status

providing information, service of mail, incoming and outgoing, damage processing status, etc.


providing the answers to questions most frequently asked by the clients of a given company, or institution

Automation of Customer Service Points

service activation, restricting cards and access, information about creditor balances, carrying out instructions

Identification and authentication

based on the client’s number, contracts, PESEL number, personal data, with the use of digital and letter passwords, or external biometry

Separating phone calls

call routing, skill-based routing – call forwarding based on a freely expressed intention

Business sectors


accounting offices, tax advisors, information about the offer, tax and accountancy consulting, information about taxes due


trips, travel agencies, travel guides, information about the offer, searching trips according to client’s requirements, making/cancelling/changing reservations


schools, kindergartens, language schools, colleges/universities, information about the offer and classes held, registration for the courses, exam results

Active leisure

bowling, skiing, climbing walls, billiards, ice rinks, springboard parks, information about the offer, buying/returning tickets, making reservations

Culture and entertainment

cinemas, operas, theatres, philharmonic, concerts, buying/returning tickets, information about the schedule of performances/screenings, searching plays according to client’s requirements


gyms, swimming pools, dance schools, information about the offer, buying subscription cards, registration for classes


carriers, airlines, shuttle buses, taxis, information about the time-table of flights/bus connections, buying/returning tickets, ordering taxis

Hotel sector

hotels, motels, hostels, bed & breakfast, private accommodation, holiday centre, health recovery centres, information about the offer, making/cancelling/changing reservations, ordering additional services


domains, virtual servers, e-mail, websites, checking the availability of domains, purchase of domains and servers, reporting technical issues


restaurants, catering, pizza places, pubs, information about the offer, ordering take-away food, table reservation

On-line shops

including, among others, clothes, health products, household appliances, making orders, returning purchased goods and making complaints, providing information about the order status


para-banks, loan agencies, brokerage houses, investment funds, financial advisors, information about services, financial consulting, selection of services, preparing offers and their calculation, purchase of services

Wellness & beauty

hairdressers, cosmetic centres, SPA, saunas, massage, setting/rescheduling/cancelling appointments, providing information about medical procedures and promotions

Real property

developers, agencies, intermediaries, information about the offer of flats, reporting flats on offer, searching flats available


vehicle, life, tourist, property insurance, selection and purchase of insurance policies, extension of insurance policies, reporting damage

ISP/TV/VoIP providers

local Internet and TV, information about the offer, selling and ordering services, reporting technical breakdowns


dealers, workshops, control stations, consignment points, information about cars on offer, making appointments for vehicle inspections and repairs, car diagnostics


health centres, hospitals, doctors’ offices, laboratories  making/rescheduling/cancelling appointments with doctors and specialists, providing information about medical procedures and exam results

For telecom companies

Do you have a telecom infrastructure which allows you to reach out to thousands of businesses? Do you provide services to call centres and/or contact centres?

Brilliance™ technology will be a perfect match for your offer geared at business clients. Thanks to it, you will gain advantage over your competition, and have an additional source of income.

Your clients are looking for the most effective way of reaching out to their recipients, and the smart Brilliance™ technology – which can be easily integrated with your telecom infrastructure – is a state-of-the-art solution that serves to handle telephone processes.

Brilliance™ can replace both a human hotline consultant and the IVR system, guaranteeing a quicker and more effective way of carrying out the same processes. It clearly contributes to making your clients’ business more effective, regardless of whether it’s about a large company that has its own hotline, a professional call centre and/or a contact centre.

For software providers and integrators

Does your company deal with the creation, distribution, and/or implementation of software that serves to manage relations with clients?

  • Do you have your own clients whom you offer specialist CRM-class systems, or similar software?
  • Do you know well the market in which you operate, and the needs of the sector you deliver tools to?

Your competitive advantage can be Brilliance™ – this technology can be integrated with every system, software, or module geared at managing relations with clients in any business sector – the hotel sector, the medical sector, the insurance sector, automotive, wellness & beauty, and many more.

Thanks to this solution, you will offer the users of your software full automation of standard processes related to telephone customer service (handling telephone calls by a robot without the need to engage people), which will be a major competitive advantage of your system.

For the Partners

Success likes partnership

We are looking for businesses that would like to cooperate with us in search of acquiring clients and partners who are ready to distribute our solutions and integrate them with their own products.

Brilliance™ custom development

Automatic voice dialogue technology

Brilliance™ technology can be used in a variety of sectors of the market, and for a number of telephone service processes. See the work done by a robot that can autonomously deal with your clients on the phone.

Outbound campaigns

Effective telephone campaigns addressed at thousands of customers

Outbound bots can on their own carry out phone campaigns on a scale of any size. This easy-to-handle device allows to reduce the costs of running a campaign in a major way, and shortens the time of its implementation.