Brilliance™ technology

A voice robot that operates on the basis of Brilliance™ technology will guarantee your company:

  • full automation of repeated processes of telephone customer support services in your company,
  • support at the highest level, since the robot does not make mistakes, “remembers” all your clients and does not require training,
  • speeding up and making it easier to provide customer service, because the robot will answer the phone instantly, and it works on a 24/7 basis,
  • saving money, because the maintenance of the robot is a lot cheaper than a human consultant; thanks to this, you can use the potential of your staff to carry out more responsible and creative tasks.

Brilliance™ really understands people

The smart voice bot based on smart speech technology understands human speech. It can draw conclusions and read information that is not said explicitly, but rather concealed in the context of an utterance. Thanks to this, it can replace people in the majority of processes that require telephone support services in a lot of business sectors.

How does it work?

The robot works on the basis of a state machine, which allows it to carry out complex operations and find its way around in any possible situation.

It is ready to tackle different – even the most unexpected – scenarios of a conversation, and it acts in a non-linear way; beyond the words uttered by the interlocutor, it takes into account several other factors, such as e.g. the weather, or the quality and duration of a phone call.

It is also based on information about a given company, since it has insight into the staff roster. Also, it knows the profile of its interlocutor; for example, it knows whether he or she is a regular client, whether he or she is making an appointment with the doctor’s on a private basis, or through the National Health Service, and even what type of pizza he or she usually orders.

Brilliance™ technology uses state-of-the-art modern technologies that allow it to identify speech, and the module that serves to conduct its synthesis makes sure that the robot speaks with the best human voices – female, or male.

 BRILLIANCETradycyjna obsługa telefoniczna
Szybkość odpowiedziNatychmiastowaOpóźniona – oczekiwanie na linii, sprawdzanie informacji
Koszt25% kosztu zatrudnienia konsultantaPełen koszt zatrudnienia konsultanta
EfektywnośćNieograniczonaZależna od człowieka
Dostępność24 godziny na dobęW godzinach pracy biura
Uczenie sięNatychmiastoweWymaga dodatkowego szkolenia
Jakość obsługiNajwyższa i stałaZależna od człowieka

Service provided in various languages and voices

Brilliance™ does not limit itself only to Polish. In fact, this technology can be expanded to include any language that your clients speak. It can also talk with them using any possible voice, be it male, or female.

Free understanding of human intentions

Brilliance™ uses smart speech, i.e. it conducts a smart dialogue with your clients. The interlocutor can express his or her wish, or request in any possible manner, and the robot will perfectly get the message addressed at it.

Invariably high quality of service on a 24h basis

Artificial intelligence always takes care of a client at the same supreme level. The robot does not forget to transfer any information it has acquired and does not make any potentially costly mistakes that may result from being tired, or overworked.

Quick reaction and search of information

The robot-assistant does not waste time: all the information about the calling client(s), product(s), and service(s) of the company is immediately retrieved from the database. It does not have to check or verify anything with a colleague, or superior, either.

Robot’s instant and automatic learning

The virtual assistant does not require the company to hold any training, as it automatically acquires new knowledge and information that it never forgets – unless the information has been wilfully removed from its resources by a person in charge of its setup.

Low cost and permanent availability of the automatic consultant

Flawless and available 24/7, the virtual consultant means an overall cost of hiring an employee brought down by 25%. The robot does not take holiday leave, so in fact, the savings could be a lot bigger.

Ready solutions

Automatic telephone assistant in your company

An easy to configure and affordable voice robot operating on the basis of innovative Brilliance™ technology takes care of telephone support services for customers of businesses acting in various sectors of the market, and thus replaces people.

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We are looking for businesses that would like to cooperate with us in search of acquiring clients and partners who are ready to distribute our solutions and integrate them with their own products.


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