Brilliance™ custom development is a service designed to produce a solution dedicated to specific needs of the process implementation in the Customer’s company. This service allows them to:

  • generate savings in the contact center department,
  • increase the availability of customer service,
  • increase service effectiveness indicators.

Dialla™ for SME is an automatic consultant for a small company who:

  • will take the phone call in your company any time,
  • will take care of various issues with your clients,
  • will allow you to significantly reduce service costs, and improve the quality of your service.

Outbound bots are automatic telemarketers who:

  • will run outbound telephone campaign of any scale you desire in a short time,
  • will carry out thousands of calls at the same time,
  • will immediately provide the results of the calls.


Brilliance™ – the robot that talks with clients

An individually developed Brilliance™ technology which gives you the opportunity to conduct a smart, personalised voice dialogue on the phone between a person and a machine

Brilliance™ guarantees flexible and natural automatic voice communication that can be used to carry out all types of phone-based service processes for a variety of business sectors:

  • 100% independence from human consultants,
  • full automation of the phone service process,
  • smart call transfers rather than the frustrating IVR,
  • immediate start of the service, without the need to wait,
  • 24/7 availability,
  • invariably high quality of service, free from typical human errors.

Dialla™ for SME

Dialla™ is a phone consultant that carries out the most popular processes of customer phone service It works just like a virtual office: it is a robot and a receptionist. It guarantees that each caller will get through to it regardless of the time of day and will get all the necessary information. Dialla™ also integrates easily with the systems already owned by a client. It is made up of modules that can be easily configured depending on the needs. For example, in the medical sector, you can use the appointment-making module, and if need be – add more modules to it, e.g. ones that serve to do call-routing, or collect exam results.

Thanks to Dialla™, you can:

  • take care of your clients 24/7/365,
  • automate the entire process of customer service,
  • save up on conventional phone service support.

24/7 availability

Dialla™ will take the calls in your company on a 24/7 basis, including off-work days.

Low cost

The cost of using Dialla is a lot lower that of hiring a person.

Different sectors

Dialla™ works in each sector where clients are taken care of on the phone.

Different processes

Dialla™ handles several phone service support processes in companies.

Easy configuration

Possibility to adapt Dialla to company needs, as it does not require advanced technical expertise.

Permanent standard

The service is provided at a standard, invariably high level at all times.

Outbound campaigns

Quality standard

Each of the conversations held will run in a standard mode.

Lower costs

Employing a robot clearly brings down the costs of running even the largest campaigns.

Large scale

Outbound bots can talk with thousands of your clients at the same time.

No pausing

The robot is able to work without breaks, even all day long.

Quick configuration

Preparing large-scale phone campaigns can be done within a short time span.

No mistakes

Outbound bots will flawlessly transfer information to all of their interlocutors.

Outbound bots are voice robots that serve to carry out telephone campaigns on a large scale. They interact with clients and communicates autonomously with them. If need be, they will ask additional questions, clarify doubts, confirm information, alert others, and – most importantly – they will reach clients instantly. Thanks to outbound bots, you can swiftly carry out a campaign informing thousands of clients e.g. about the changes in one of the services they use.

Thanks to outbound bots, you can:

  • transfer a particular piece of information to hundreds of thousands of clients at the same time,
  • advertise your products and services,
  • “warm up” the chilly database of your contacts.