Strategic plans

The strategic goal of Voicetel Communications S.A. is to work out the position of market leader in the voice solutions sector that automate business processes related to telephone customer service. The best practices developed by the company, as well as the communication standard for robots and humans that it has set will become a generally accepted point of reference for automatic customer service, which the competition will find impossible to challenge for a long time. All this is possible thanks to the application of an individually devised Brilliance™ system.

It is also Voicetel’s ambition to maintain a high level of innovation of its products and services by constantly looking at its market environment and identifying the state-of-the-art solutions that will facilitate the attainment of its objectives. To this end, the company aims to start cooperating with research and development facilities not just in Poland, but also worldwide.

The company’s Board will keep striving to acquire new clients who are eager to implement Brilliance™ Dialogue Interfaces, which will lead to increased company turnover and higher profits.

One of the natural goals of the company’s growth is also to break into foreign markets with its services and products.