The share capital of the company equals PLN 112,001.00 and is subdivided into 1,120,010 shares of a nominal value of PLN 0.10 each.

The table below contains information about the shareholders who, to the best knowledge of the company, own at least 5% of the general number of votes at the General Annual Meeting of Voicetel Communications S.A.

Shareholder of Voicetel Communications SANo. of shares Ownership based on no. of sharesOwnership based on no. of votes
Total1 120 010100%100%
Voicetel Investments Sp. z o.o.*910 68081,30 %81,30 %
Bogusław Marczak56 0195,00%5,00%
Remaining shareholders 153 311 13,70%13,70%

* Voicetel Investments Sp. z o. o. is an entity managed and supervised by Dawid Wójcicki and Krzysztof Płachta, who act as President of the Board, and Member of the Board of the issuer, respectively.


AssociateShare of votes at the annual general meeting of the company’s associates
Dawid Wójcicki50,00%
Krzysztof Płachta50,00%