Registration data

Company’s business nameVoicetel Communications S.A.
Addressul. Grzybowska 87, 00-844 Warszawa
Phone / fax22 250 14 76 / 22 451 95 23
Company’s objectsVoicetel Communications S.A. is the market leader of smart-speech solutions, i.e. ones that facilitate fluent and fully automated communication between people and machines. Brilliance™ technology, the company’s flagship product, is used to make smart voice bots which serve to automate a majority of telephone-based customer service processes. In the offer of Voicetel Communications S.A., there are also ready-made solutions for small companies, such as Dialla™, a bot that serves to conduct outgoing telephone campaigns on a large scale – Maya™, and Alisa™ – a tool that assesses consultants’ work on various levels.
Share capitalPLN 112,001.00; subdivided into 1,120,010 shares of PLN 0.10 each
National Court Register [KRS]Gdańsk-Północ Regional Court in Gdańsk, Economic Division no. 7, registered under 0000443544
Business Statistical Number [REGON]221798923
Tax Identification Number [NIP]9571067309
Management BoardDawid Wójcicki: President of the Board

Krzysztof Płachta: Deputy President of the Board