Market environment

The dialogue interface, the solution offered by Voicetel Communications S. A., is as of the day on which this document was drawn up a truly innovative technology. This implies that, broadly speaking, there is no sector gathering businesses that provide solutions of this sort.

To the best of the company’s knowledge, currently in the Polish market there are only a few entities that have endeavoured to create their own command-based voice systems, which is a major difference when compared to the service offered by Voicetel Communications S.A., whose distinctive feature is that it is able to hold a dialogue with its user.

Given that the major targets of the company’s offer are business entities that have telephone customer service units, the company’s activity has been assigned to the call centre sector. The businesses that provide call centre services are both competitors and potential clients of the company. The call centre industry, in turn, is a major part of the telecom customer service field, which also includes:

  • search assistants,
  • text messaging (SMS) websites,
  • IVR systems, and

Search assistants

Applications that enable voice search and adding content on a device, or on the Internet. Search assistants operate based on searches of words and key phrases, as well as set voice commands. Such applications appear both on mobile devices and their desktop counterparts. The most popular search assistants are Siri, Google Now, and Cortana.

Text messaging (SMS) websites

They are systems that allow fully automated sending of text messages to mass recipients. SMS services are generally integrated with a user’s IT system and serve above all to spread advertising content, or to authenticate a client.

The services provided by means of SMS websites can be subdivided into passive, and active. As regards the former, the business that uses this communication channel conveys information to its clients in the form of text messages. As for the latter, they lie in the hands of a client who can send an enquiry or an order of his or her own free will (e.g. a request to get a bank statement, and an enquiry about the term of a contract).

SMS websites are usually used  in telecom services and banking. Since they rely heavily on the SMS technology, the systems transfer only written text.

IVR systems

Interactive Voice Response systems allow to interactively deal with a caller. The systems do not allow for absolute independence from real (i.e. human) call centre staff, but they allow to handle a client’s case roughly, and then forward it to a relevant department.

Some IVR systems make it possible to give basic voice commands. IVR systems are typically used by service providers whose frequent contacts with clients require the services of contact centres to handle the majority of phone calls. The most popular sectors that apply IVR systems are banking, telemarketing, telecom, and multimedia.


They are computer programs that act as a virtual interlocutor who, by means of a written text, answers most popular users’ questions. Chatbots with a given name and ascribed photograph of an individual are commonly used on Internet portals. Their function is an imitation of a conversation with a real human consultant so that the user gets the impression that he/she is talking to a real person working at the customer service department.

As a rule, chatbots answer questions concerning the range of services and business field(s) of a given company. Also, one of their options is the possibility to activate the conversation forwarding mode and speak with a human consultant. The effectiveness of a chatbot-type solution depends on the capacity of the knowledge base which the program has been fitted with. It stores key words, and the messages ascribed to them. It is enough for a user to include a key word in his/her written text, and the chatbot will reply with a specific sequence that has been ascribed to it.

Call Centre

It is a telephone customer service centre that operates as one of the company’s departments, or as a service provided by an independent company. Contact with a client is kept by a qualified employee by means of a telephone. The integration of the telecom system with the IT environment allows a consultant to execute a client’s order during his/her conversation with the client.

Call centres not only handle incoming calls, but they also make outbound calls for the client, or the sales department.

Call centres are common practice when it comes to taking orders – in telephone banking, as the so-called hot line – but also in such areas as booking, or selling using cold calling.