Management Board

Dawid Wójcicki

President of the Board

Dawid Wójcicki has graduated from Gdańsk University of Technology, majoring in Computer Technology and Econometrics. An accomplished manager with vast experience in the IT sector, he is also a designer, software developer, zealot of human-machine communication, and founder of Voicetel Communications S.A.

His career path started at Wirtualna Polska as software developer and project manager. Over the next years, he co-launched the Baltic Innovation Centre, a business incubator, where, among others, he coordinated the development of Internet projects up to the spin-off phase. Inspired by the development of the automatic voice dialogue technology and dynamic expansion of chat boxes, he began to delve into a concept which laid the foundations for Brilliance™ technology. Initiator and creator of the growth of innovative smart-speech dialogue bots market.

In December 2012, together with accomplished stock investor Krzysztof Płachtą, he founded Voicetel Communications, where he is involved in the development and commercialisation of Brilliance™.