Stock exchange

Debut date:
No. of shares listed:
1 120 010 (84,21%)
No. of company shares:
1 330 000

Investor relations

Welcome to the website that contains all the necessary information about the investor relations of Voicetel Communications S.A. We strive to guarantee investors, stock market analysts, and anyone interested a possibly comprehensive outlook on our commercial activity. It is our top priority to ensure a flawless exchange of data and constructive interaction between the company’s management board and its investors.

On this page, you will find all the data related to the organisation and structure of Voicetel Communications S.A., including the composition of the Management Board, the Supervisory Board, shareholding/ownership issues, and information about the subsidiaries.

We also publish EBI and ESPI releases, announcements concerning the company’s activity, reports of the Supervisory Board, and current and periodical reports – including the quarterly and annual ones. We have also outlined our business objectives for the nearest and more distant future, long-term strategies, current and prospective investments, and key areas of our activity.

We hope that open communication, transparency, and easy access to coherent and exhaustive information about the company will contribute to the tighten investor relations with Voicetel Communications S.A.

Company organisation

Formal and legal organisation of Voicetel Communications

Learn more about the composition of the Management Board and Supervisory Board, together with the members’ biographies, and the structure of the shareholding/ownership. In this section, we have also placed registration data and company documents, such as the entry on the National Court Register [KRS], and the Memorandum of Association.


News and reports

The  releases we have published

Check out the timeline of the events and the releases, the Supervisory Board reports and resolutions taken by the Annual General Meeting, as well as the current and periodical EBI reports, and ESPI reports.

Company’s commercial activity

Learn more details about Voicetel’s commercial activity

In this section, you will find detailed information about the areas in which Voicetel Communications is active, a description of the market environment in which the company functions, and its strategic objectives for the upcoming years.