About us


Voicetel’s strategy for the nearest future is to render Dialla™ available – based on the breakthrough technology of automatic voice-based dialogue – to hundreds of thousands of businesses around Poland, and later in Europe, and worldwide.

We are planning to continuously develop our technology by doing research and gaining experience, as well as by actively searching for partners who will become the distributors of our products.


Voicetel Communications was founded in December 2012. Since the very beginning, we have been working on a technology that would allow for full automation of voice-based customer service in the form of a nonlinear, unrestricted dialogue – in line with the assumption that it is the machine that ought to “learn” a human being, and not the other way around. This concept lies at the heart of the individually devised Brilliance™ technology.

Voicetel at the stock exchange

On 10 May 2016 the company made its debut at New Connect, and at the moment it is getting ready for its transfer onto the main trading floor. We are the only company listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange that deals with the development of voice-based technology of automatic customer service.

Market environment

In the small Polish market, Voicetel Communications is the only company that has developed a smart human-intelligible solution that serves to hold an automatic dialogue. Across the world, Omilia and VoiceWeb, two Greek companies, are currently working on systems which operate just like Brilliance™. We can regard them as our closest rivals.

Amidst the competitive solutions, we can also list providers of so-called voice assistants, such as Siri, Cortana, Alexa, or OK Google. Yet, they are not competition when it comes to profound automation of business processes. They are at present products addressed at individual consumers (to the B2C market) that serve to merely complement the potential of mobile devices. For Brilliance™, the starting point is, in turn, the B2B market, in which this solution is absolutely revolutionary.

Our target group

Our target group are companies which put a lot of emphasis on telephone customer service. They include, among others:

  • small-scale companies from different sectors, where standard service processes take place, e.g. making appointments and confirming them, placing orders, etc.;
  • large-scale companies that have their own hotline (call centre) which handles hundreds of thousands of customers each year and carries out complex telephone-based processes;
  • IT companies, including integrators and vendors, who work as our partners integrating our solutions with their own software, or their client’s software;
  • telecom companies which have a vast network of business subscribers and distribute our solutions among their clients.


It is the brand’s own smart-speech technology project that operates on the basis of a state machine which allows a robot to hold an intelligent telephone dialogue with a human being.

Based on the algorithms of artificial intelligence, it allows to adapt the scenario of a given dialogue to each speaker on an ongoing basis, and reach a level of fluency and ease of dialogue that is close to the human one.

Brilliance™ has been integrated with solutions that serve to detect and synthesise speech (e.g. Google, Nuance).

A robot that understands the human being

It is a voice bot that relies on Brilliance™ technology and understands human speech. You can handle everyday matters with it, just like with a human consultant.

Voicetel Communications products

Voicetel offers its clients products based on its individually devised Brilliance™ technology, which allows a robot to autonomously hold a telephone dialogue with a human being.

  • Dialla™ is a virtual consultant who will take the call instead of you or make an appointment with your client; it will do just as you’ve programmed it;
  • Outbound bots are tools that serve to efficiently make contact with hundreds of clients whenever you want to run a big campaign;

Investor relations

Comprehensive information about Voicetel’s investor relations

Check out the data related to the organisation and structure of the company, including the composition of the Management Board, the Supervisory Board, shareholding/ownership issues, EBI and ESPI releases, notices and reports of the Supervisory Board, as well as current and periodical reports.

Company departments

Which department of the company should I refer my enquiry to?

Do you have enquiries about the publication of press releases, partner cooperation, implementation of Brilliance™ technology, purchase of our products, or other issues that bother you? Learn more about who you should contact straight away.

Dialla™ for SME

Automatic phone consultant in your company

An easy to set up and affordable voice-controlled robot that works based on the innovative Brilliance™ technology will take care of phone customer service support for customers of companies operating in a variety of sectors, relieving humans of this task.