Brilliance™ technology

Thanks to it, a voice-controlled robot can hold a smart dialogue with your customers. Brilliance™ can carry out any processes related to handling a phone conversation; you simply have to configure it appropriately. Here are some benefits:

  • it understands human intentions in the context of a given conversation;
  • the scenario of a dialogue is adapted to the interlocutor at all times, and the robot is able to hold a conversation with every human being in a different way;
  • the dialogue is personalised immediately, based on its course, the interlocutor’s profile, and external data;
  • linguistic independence – it is possible to handle any language used around the world;
  • advanced speech detection and synthesis based on solutions put forward by such market leaders as Google, Amazon, and Nuance;
  • dialogues are held in a fluent and unrestrained human-like manner.