Na bazie technologii Brilliance™ powstały produkty pudełkowe, czyli gotowe rozwiązania, przeznaczone do obsługi konkretnych procesów biznesowych w firmach.


Automatic phone consultant in your company

An easy to set up and affordable voice-controlled robot that works based on the innovative Brilliance™ technology will take care of phone customer service support for customers of companies operating in a variety of sectors, relieving humans of this task.


Effective telephone campaigns addressed at thousands of customers

Maya™ can on its own carry out phone campaigns on a scale of any size. This easy-to-handle device allows to reduce the costs of running a campaign in a major way, and shortens the time of its implementation.


Advanced analysis of phone conversations

Alisa™ examines all conversations held by your consultants, and then draws conclusions from them. On their basis, you can manage your team of teleoperators much more efficiently.