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Immediate execution

You can launch your campaign even within one day, staying one step ahead of your competition! Maya™ works 24/7 and carries out each of its tasks at a pace that is unattainable for a human being.

Flawless conversation

Maya™ will never make a mistake when it dictates an account number, a password, or a legal formula to its client. Thanks to this, you can rest assured that your campaign has been carried out impeccably.

Cloud activity

You can use this solution without installing a special infrastructure. Maya™ operates in the cloud and easily integrates with the client’s infrastructure.

Reporting on an ongoing basis

Maya™ sends out information about the progress at which the campaign is moving forward on an ongoing basis, and it automatically makes periodical reports. This allows you to know what it has already been able to achieve, and – most importantly – you can be 100% sure that all the information is complete and impartial.

Speech or recording synthesis

Maya™ can “speak” in two ways: using the synthesis of female/male speech, or a recorded voice of a speaker – if you want the robot to speak with the voice of a specific person, e.g. a celebrity who is the face of a given campaign.

Optimising the list of recipients

Maya™ is able to immediately verify the recipients’ list and reject the numbers that are switched off. This allows her to avoid wasting time trying to contact non-existing callers.