Krzysztof Płachta

Deputy President of the Board

Krzysztof Płachta has graduated from Gdynia Maritime University’s Navigation Faculty. In the years 1997-1999, he was awarded a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Gdańsk. He is closely connected to the real estate market, being a graduate of a post-graduate programme in real estate appraisal for the needs of the banking sector and fiscal/treasury needs. He has also completed a course for court experts – property surveyors, real estate management, as well as energy performance, and energy auditing of buildings.

Since 1995, Krzysztof Płachta has served on various boards at financial enterprises. For many years, he was affiliated with Penetrator S.A., a brokerage firm, where, as branch manager and president of the board, he coordinated the ongoing activities of the unit and took care of the financial and legal situation of the company, restructuring it and leading to a major improvement of its financial standing. In the following years, he was involved with such companies as Eurotel S.A. and Trado S.A., where he was president of the board. At the moment, he works in the position of president of the board at Corent Sp. z o.o., and head of the Investment Department at ACP Sp. z o.o.