For telecom companies

Do you have a telecom infrastructure which allows you to reach hundreds of businesses? Do you provide services for a call centre and/or a contact centre?

Brilliance™ technology will be a perfect match for your offer targeted at business clients. It will allow you to gain advantage over your competitors and get an additional source of income.

Your clients are looking for the most effective way of reaching out to your recipients, and the smart Brilliance™ technology, which can easily be integrated with your telecom infrastructure, is a state-of-the-art solution that serves to handle telephone-based processes.

Brilliance™ can easily replace both a human hotline consultant and an IVR system, helping to carry out these processes more quickly and effectively. This will boost the effectiveness of your clients’ business, regardless of whether you’re dealing with a large company with its own hotline, a professional call centre, or a contact centre.