By cooperating with Voicetel, you will be taking part in the creation of one of the most innovative technological solutions in the world. We require commitment, but we guarantee growth, which will pay off throughout your entire career.  Have a look at who we are currently interested in:

Syntax Analysis Architect

Job description:

  • creating dictionaries, intentions and synonyms for the needs of specific bots;
  • building and designing a graph of semantic relations of intentions;
  • quality control of sets of intentions and synonyms;
  • active participation in new and ongoing dialogue bots construction designs;
  • working with Jira software.

Software Developer

Job description:

  • carrying out new and developing the already existing bot projects;
  • refactoring and implementation of bots in a developer and production environment;
  • cooperation with all Smart Speech Lab units;
  • contacting clients and partners;
  • expansion and maintenance of internal development tools.

VoIP Specialist (Asterisk)

Job description:

  • Implementing new telecommunications systems and solutions based on Asterisk;
  • Developing and maintaining a voice application (Cloud);
  • Developing and maintaining the Asterisk platform;
  • Actively participating in new and ongoing dialogue bot construction projects;
  • Working with Jira software;
  • Contacting subcontractors.