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Free understanding of human intentions

Brilliance™ uses smart speech, i.e. it conducts a smart dialogue with your clients. The interlocutor can express his or her wish, or request in any possible manner, and the robot will perfectly get the message addressed at it.


Invariably high quality of service on a 24h basis

Artificial intelligence always takes care of a client at the same supreme level. The robot does not forget to transfer any information it has acquired and does not make any potentially costly mistakes that may result from being tired, or overworked.

Quick reaction and search of information

The robot-assistant does not waste time: all the information about the calling client(s), product(s), and service(s) of the company is immediately retrieved from the database. It does not have to check or verify anything with a colleague, or superior, either.


Robot’s instant and automatic learning

The smart speech assistant does not require the company to hold any training, as it automatically acquires new knowledge and information that it never forgets – unless the information has been wilfully removed from its resources by a person in charge of its setup.