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Cloud activity

You can conveniently use the services offered by Alisa™ without installing it on your drive. It operates in the cloud, which means that all the data are readily available in one place, beyond the internal infrastructure of the company.

Impartial observer

Alisa™ is a computer program, and as such it does not make judgments, or interfere. It registers, analyses, and reports, which means that you can be sure that the data you receive have been accurately put in the right order and free from any fallible human factor.

Specific phrases, or scenarios

Alisa™ monitors both single occurrences of a given set of phrases and entire scenarios of customer service. Based on the information thus obtained, you can work out an optimal customer service scenario at your company.

Current monitoring of conversations

Alisa™ provides you with orderly results of its monitored conversations on an ongoing basis, which allows one to take immediate action. It is enough to just configure it in line with the company’s needs, or the requirements of a given telephone campaign.

Listening comprehension

Thanks to an advanced voice recognition system, Alisa™ can flawlessly analyse telephone communication in your company. It draws conclusions, notes all regularities and reports them so that you can add all the necessary improvements.

Speediness and precision

You do not have to employ a whole team of specialists, as Alisa™ will automatically and precisely analyse all the phone conversations made in your company, within a time span that is unattainable even for the most experienced analysts.