Supervisory Board

Grzegorz Wapiński

Member of the Supervisory Board (appointed on 8 Nov 2017 for a 3-year term)

Grzegorz Wapiński holds a PhD in Economics and Management, awarded by the University of Gdańsk. He is closely connected to the areas where, broadly speaking, computer science converges with the human being, being also a specialist in Human Computer Interaction (HCI). He has a vast scientific and theoretical knowledge of HCI, social consequences of computerisation and didactics. In the years 1988–2008, he was an active academic at the University of Gdańsk and other tertiary education institutions. Before that, he worked as a software developer in the naval industry. An accomplished lecturer, he has conducted seminars in “Usability engineering”, “HCI designing”, “Information society”, and many others. At the moment, he is involved with Gdańsk Banking College.

Bogdan Lewicki

Member of the Supervisory Board (appointed on 8 Nov 2017 for a 3-year term)

Bogdan Lewicki has received his Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics at the University of Farming and Technology in Olsztyn. In the following years, he was awarded an MBA at the University of Gdańsk, where he gained extensive knowledge in the analysis of financial reports, which he could delve into deeper in his professional years to come. He is an expert in real property appraisal. He has completed a Post-graduate Programme in Real Property Appraisal and got a professional licence of a real estate agent. He is also a graduate of Warsaw Manager Training Centre, where he received his Diploma in  Business Administration.

From 2002 to 2003, Bogdan Lewicki was President of the Pomeranian Financial Group in Gdańsk. His professional experience gained so far is related, among others, to KRIS, a commercial enterprise, and Nanjing International LTD. He has been working in the real estate market for years. Since 1998, he has been running his own business activity as the owner of Atut, a Gdańsk-based real estate office. So far, apart from managing his own real properties, he also offers consulting services in global B2B e-commerce in the clothing industry.

Jakub Płachta

Chair of the Supervisory Board (appointed on 8 Nov 2017 for a 3-year term)

Jakub Płachta has received his Master’s degree in Finance & Investment Management at the University of Aberdeen. Throughout his studies, he also completed a specialist course geared at obtaining the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 1 qualification. At the end of 2016, he passed the basic exam held by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

At the moment, he is employed in the position of consultant at the London branch of Deloitte LLP – an audit company that is part of the global “big four”.  In his career, he took part in a project aimed at one of the largest bank worldwide as a financial report analysts responsible for collecting criteria from key stakeholders and building data in reports. For the time being, Jakub Płachta has been delegated to work on a project at a global telecom company as a Business Analyst and is in charge of conducting analyses of organisational structures in order to minimise costs and facilitate processes.

Jakub Płachta is the son of Krzysztofa Płachta, who is currently Deputy President of Voicetel Communications SA.

Jakub Kleban

Member of the Supervisory Board (appointed on 8 Nov 2017 for a 3-year term)

Jakub Kleban is a graduate of the Faculty of Management and Economics at Gdańsk University of Technology. He was awarded his Master of Science in Engineering Business Management at Coventry University. Ha has also completed the Post-graduate Programme in Business Analysis at Warsaw School of Economics.

Jakub Kleban is a seasoned manager of contact centre units, responsible for optimising service processes, organising the work of large teams, and managing business quality and effectiveness. In the past, he was professionally involved with Transcom Worldwide, where he served as business analyst and key clients manager, being in charge of cooperating with the most important clients of the company in Poland. Then, in such companies as Contact Point and Call Center Poland, he supervised the operations of two teams of operational centres of 300 staff providing services for clients from Poland, Europe, and the US. He gained his further experience at the Customer Service Department of Provident Polska S.A., where he worked in positions related to quality management, process management, as well as developing customer service support systems. At present, Jakub Kleban is professionally involved with DSV, where he serves as head of the Complaints Department.

Włodzimierz Wójcicki

Member of the Supervisory Board (appointed on 8 Nov 2017 for a 3-year term)

Włodzimierz Wójcicki has completed his Master’s programme at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry of the University of Gdańsk, majoring in Applied Physics.

Since 1981, he has been connected to the printing sector, most specifically typesetting, including electronic books. He has contributed to launching the concept of computer-assisted typesetting across Poland, divulging a new approach among editors. For many years, he headed the Employees’ Innovation Committee at Gdańsk Printing Works, conducting a number of staff trainings in computer typesetting software. In the 1990s, he was an active scholar at the University of Gdańsk, where he held seminars in typography software and technical editing. He has authored several publications related to technical editing and computer processing of books. By virtue of a resolution passed by the Council of the State, he was awarded a Bronze Cross of Merit for the implementation of computer technology in the printing sector. In 1990, the Patent Office awarded him the Individual Certificate of Performing a Utility Patent in the area of enhancing the precision of processing photographic film in the printing industry. He has vast experience in implementing new technologies, propagating new technologies, and computer technology issues, as well as managing large teams.