About Voicetel Communications

Polish company Voicetel Communications S.A. has launched and is developing Brilliance™ – its own technology that allows artificial intelligence to hold a fluent dialogue on the phone with humans.

Voicetel Communications is creating the smart speech market, i.e. an intelligent telephone communication platform between a human being an a robot. Today, thanks to Brilliance™ technology, companies from many sectors of the market can fully automate all their repeatable processes related to phone customer service support.

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Brilliance™ technology

Thanks to it, a voice-controlled robot can hold a smart dialogue with your customers. Brilliance™ can carry out any processes related to handling a phone conversation; you simply have to configure it appropriately. Here are some benefits:

  • it understands human intentions in the context of a given conversation;
  • the scenario of a dialogue is adapted to the interlocutor at all times, and the robot is able to hold a conversation with every human being in a different way;
  • the dialogue is personalised immediately, based on its course, the interlocutor’s profile, and external data;
  • linguistic independence – it is possible to handle any language used around the world;
  • advanced speech detection and synthesis based on solutions put forward by such market leaders as Google, Amazon, and Nuance;
  • dialogues are held in a fluent and unrestrained human-like manner.
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Automatic phone consultant in your company

An easy to set up and affordable voice-controlled robot that works based on the innovative Brilliance™ technology will take care of phone customer service support for customers of companies operating in a variety of sectors, relieving humans of this task.


Effective telephone campaigns addressed at thousands of customers

Maya™ can on its own carry out phone campaigns on a scale of any size. This easy-to-handle device allows to reduce the costs of running a campaign in a major way, and shortens the time of its implementation.


Advanced analysis of phone conversations

Alisa™ examines all conversations held by your consultants, and then draws conclusions from them. On their basis, you can manage your team of teleoperators much more efficiently.


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