About Voicetel Communications

Polish company Voicetel Communications S.A. has launched and is developing Brilliance™ – its own technology that allows artificial intelligence to hold a fluent dialogue on the phone with humans.

Voicetel Communications is the main polish developer at the Conversation AI market, i.e. an intelligent telephone communication platform between a human being and a robot. Today, thanks to Brilliance™ technology, companies from many sectors of the market can fully automate all their repeatable processes related to phone customer service support.

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Brilliance™ technology

Thanks to it, a voice-controlled robot can hold a smart dialogue with your customers. Brilliance™ can carry out any processes related to handling a phone conversation; you simply have to configure it appropriately. Here are some benefits:

  • it understands human intentions in the context of a given conversation;
  • the scenario of a dialogue is adapted to the interlocutor at all times, and the robot is able to hold a conversation with every human being in a different way;
  • the dialogue is personalised immediately, based on its course, the interlocutor’s profile, and external data;
  • linguistic independence – it is possible to handle any language used around the world;
  • advanced speech detection and synthesis based on solutions put forward by such market leaders as Google, Amazon, and Nuance;
  • dialogues are held in a fluent and unrestrained human-like manner.
More about Brilliance™

Brilliance™ custom development

Automatic voice dialogue technology

Brilliance™ technology can be used in a number of sectors, and for various telephone-based services. See for yourself the way in which a robot works that can autonomously deal with your clients on the phone.

Outbound campaigns

Effective telephone campaigns addressed at thousands of customers

Maya™ can on its own carry out phone campaigns on a scale of any size. This easy-to-handle device allows to reduce the costs of running a campaign in a major way, and shortens the time of its implementation.

Dialla™ for SME

Automatic phone consultant in your company

An easy to set up and affordable voice-controlled robot that works based on the innovative Brilliance™ technology will take care of phone customer service support for customers of companies operating in a variety of sectors, relieving humans of this task.


Bankowy Telebot od Web2Metrics i Voicetel Communications wyróżniony

In the Digital Marketing – Internet Innovation category, Lydia – the solution of Credit Agricole, was distinguished. It is an artificial intelligence algorithm used to increase the efficiency of the cash loan campaign.

Altar podpisał umowę o współpracy partnerskiej z Voicetel

Altar, the contact center systems provider, has signed a partnership cooperation agreement with Voicetel Communications S.A. – the technological leader of AI conversational solutions that allow for intelligent, automated customer service. This means additional functional capabilities for companies that use the Altar Contact Center system to provide customer service.

Spółka Technologiczna Systell oficjalnym partnerem Voicetel

One of the aims of the cooperation is to speed up the procedures related to launching automated voice customer service channels for corporate clients. As part of the cooperation, Voicetel – as a technological leader of conversational AI solutions – will act as a supplier in the process of implementing or developing integrated telecommunications infrastructure for existing and newly acquired Systel clients.